Following a year in industry I have noticed that my attitude and approach to learning has improved. Having experienced industry, I can relate certain topics to my own experience and feel I have a deeper understanding of the business world.

Learning about strategy and management has improved my observation skills and analysis. Being able to dissect choices and suggest strategies has improved my employability as these are transferable skills required in any business environment. Going forward I will be sure to interact with my more strategic and planning focused mind to further enhance these skills.

I realise I have gained a greater understanding about branding and marketing from SFM unit. This has changed my perception on what my plans will be during university and after graduating. Using Mintzbergs Safarai Strategy (2009), my intended strategy had been to return to ASOS as an established MA and work within the high street sector. Learning about luxury management and specifically the role of branding has created changes to this strategy as I have learnt something new and a field I wish to explore further in the practical work environment. These emergent elements have led me to create a SMART objective to reach a new realized strategy: By the end of the academic year, I will have gained intern/work experience within marketing/branding at a non-high street brand. This will help broaden my horizons giving me a taste of a new area within the industry which may have further impact on the future of my employment. 

The teachings in this unit have taught me that I need my own corporate strategy (e.g. realised plan) and the way that I brand and market myself will help me achieve this.




Mintzberg, H. (2009) Strategy Safari. United Kingdom, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.

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